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Undergraduate Students - for an advising appointment contact College Advising and Student Services
785-864-3500    Email: Collegeadvising.ku.edu

  By last name  A-B & W-Z  Precious Sanders,  C-G Cortney McKay,  H-L Liz Barton,  M-Q Darla Kelly, R-V David Nickol
 The Undergraduate Director: Dr. John Kennedy    kennedy1@ku.edu

Requirements  BA  BGS

KU Core POLS courses

Courses for the Public Policy Minor

Political Science Minor

Graduation with Departmental Honors

Some policies of interest to undergraduate students:
Course Repeat Policy
Grade Appeal Policy
Incomplete Grade Policy
Academic Misconduct Policy & Procedures

Study Abroad Credit:

"You will need to bring your Study Abroad- 'Academic Plan and Approval' form, as well as Course descriptions/information of each course to be assessed to the main office of the major department. Turn in the materials (include your name, e-mail address, and major). The approval process takes up to two weeks. You will be contacted after these have been evaluated to pick them up. If you do not hear from us after two weeks of submission, please contact us.


Political Philosophy and Empirical Theory
  • Paul Johnson
  • Brittnee Carter

US Political Institutions and Processes
  • Christina Bejarano
  • Don Haider-Markel
  • Paul Johnson
  • Mark Joslyn
  • Burdett Loomis
  • Patrick Miller

Public Policy and Administration
  • Don Haider-Markel

Foreign Government and Comparative Politics
  • Hannah Britton
  • John Kennedy
  • Gary Reich
  • Robert Rohrschneider
  • Michael Wuthrich

International Law and Relations
  • Mariya Omelicheva
  • Nazli Avdan
  • Clayton Webb
  • Brittnee Carter


  • Clayton Webb



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So proud of our awesome graduate students representing us well at SPSA 2019! https://t.co/wCin1ITGfM

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