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Grad student research

Patrick Gauding published a  co-authored chapter with Professor Don Haider-Markel entitled “LGBT Judges in the United States” in an edited volume Race, Gender and Sexuality, Eds. Sharon A. Navarro and Samantha Hernandez. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.  Gauding and Abbie Vegter presented co-authored work, with Haider-Markel, “Measuring the Social Identity of Gun Owners in America” at MPSA 2019.  He  presented “The Political Characteristics of Criminal Justice Jurisdictions Offering Criminal Diversions” at the Great Plains Political Science Association Conference, and will be presenting research at SPSA 2020, co-authored with Haider-Markel, “Explaining Support and Attributions for State Violence: Authoritarianism and Gun Ownership.

Haruka Nagao is currently working on research on Women’s Social Capital and Prenatal Care Services in China.  She had three conference presentations in 2019, two are collaborative works with fellow grad students.  At MPSA, “In the Media or Out the Window: Perception of inequality and media exposure in China, South Korea, and Japan” with Leeann H. Youn.  SPSA “Trust and Tolerance: Social Capital and Political Tolerance in Rural and Urban China”.  SPSA, “Party Behavior in Authoritarian Regimes” with Holly Rains and Rachel E. Finnell.

As a Wilma Mankiller Fellow for Tribal Policy and Governance, Doctoral candidate, Sierra Watt is working this year with the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) in Washington D.C., at the Embassy of Tribal Nations. The program, named for the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation, provides emerging professionals with experience in serving Indian Country, working closely with tribal leaders, and learning more about Federal Indian Law and intergovernmental relations. Placed with NCAI’s data branch, the Policy Research Center, her most recent projects include developing a policy brief on Intellectual Property Law as it relates to tribal governments, research into the new statistical privacy methods for the 2020 Census, Differential Privacy, and its potential impacts on data from American Indian reservations and Alaska Native villages, as well as compiling data sent to help prepare presidential candidates participating in the first Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum as part of NCAI’s non-partisan Native Vote campaign. She also has assisted on organizational comment letters in response to federally mandated tribal consultations between tribes and various agencies, including recent comments to the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Census Bureau

Cagil Albayrak received a 2018 Allan J Cigler Academic Enrichment Fund Award to work with Dr. Wuthrich on women's candidacy in political parties and legislative representation in Turkey. He spent the summer working as a graduate researcher on a project with professors Brittnee Carter and Mike Wuthrich. Their paper "Understanding Religious Terrorism: An Empirical Analysis of Islamist Terror Activity" is accepted to be presented at ISA Midwest. He hopes to present research with Dr. Wuthrich on women's legislative representation and candidacy in Turkey at the MPSA in 2019. Cagil traveled to Washington D.C. with a group of KU students for a field trip and to attend a human rights conference, and he worked as a graduate assessment assistant at the KU First Year Experience Office to assess the previous academic year's teaching and learning performance. He is currently working on his dissertation on designation of terror groups.

Sara Miller presented at MPSA, last Spring, a paper title Collusion, Clientelism, or Representation, The Implications of the Cartel Party Theory. She continues to work away at her dissertation.

Amilee Turner has ISA Midwest coming up in November where she will present a paper with Dr. Webb on "I'm Not Saying They should Have done It, but I Understand: Examining Public Responses to Political Violence"Also Dr. Carter,in October, is presenting the paper she did along with Amilee on gender equality and domestic terrorism on a selective APSA panel in DC. Amilee also had a recent APSA Travel Grant that helped her travel to present about The Role of Greivances as a Precondition to Extremism and Terrorism among her many other awards this year. This research was also featured in KU Today and Homeland Security news Wire.

Abigail Vegter also received an APSA Travel Grant for APSA. Her research showing gun owners being politically active has been featured this year in many publications and news media.

Sierra Watt received the Lance F. Johnson Award and also her Walter Thompson Research Award, to work with Dr. Bejarano on the political engagement of Women of Color. She has had several publications, such as along with Carolina Costa Candal and Marcy Quiason, an article " Marginalization and Fear? Concealed Carry and Campus climate in the Trump-Era" published in the journal Women, Gender and Families of Color. She has had two reviews published, and has done presentations with Dr. Bejarano from Thompson summer research " New Expectations for Women of Color in State Legislative Representation." She also participated in the Women's Caucus Signature Round table: "Emerging Scholarship on Women of Color in Politics" while at APSA this year. She was thankful to speak on women in tribal government for the KU Libraries Gallery Series and share her dissertation research at the 2018 Native American and Indigineous Studies Association Annual Conference in LA and to ist on a discussion panel at the KU film & Media Studies Graduate Symposium with An Sasala, Abigail Barefoot, and Charlesia McKinney, entitled "Feminist Protest in the Age of New Media":

Amilee Turner received the E. Jackson Baur Award from the Univ. of Kansas Department of Sociology.

The following graduate students received Walter Thompson Scholarships in Political Science to work with faculty on research projects:
Rachel Finnell, Patrick Gauding, William Hatungimana, Yeon Joo Kim, Alexandra Middlewood, Haruka Nagao, Amilee Turner, Abigail Vegter and Sierra Watt.

Haruka Nagao received a 2018 Williams Jennings Bryan Essay Prize

Cagil Albayrak- MPSA  Paper on panel “Norms, Identity, and Social Approaches to Foreign Policy”, Discussant for undergrad poster panel “The Politics of Terror Attacks”  Accepted for ISA 2018 – “Foreign Terrorist Organizations: Projection of Power through Norms and Rules of Terrorism Designation”

Sammy Badran – Sammy returned from his Fulbright activity and taught a course about The Arab Spring this semester and is teaching about non –State Actors in Global Politics in the Spring.

Carolina Costa Candal received multiple awards this year, among them Tradition of Excellence Award, the 2017 Emily Taylor Center Outstanding Woman Educator, and the 2017 Bernstein Award for Future Faculty!  From Political Science Carolina also received a Harris Award this year.
Brian Turnbull, who returned from his Fulbright work in India, also received the Harris Fellowship this year.


Ryan Daugherty and Luke Herrington, MPSA “Trafficked and Abused God” that looks at the ideological differences between faith-based groups responses to human trafficking.

Rachel Finnell presented her work on relations in the South China Sea at the Southern Economics Association conference in Tampa in November with Dr. John Crooker.  Her work on the South China Sea will also be presented at SPSA in January.   

William Hatungimana's research focuses on institutions and grassroots rural poverty alleviation programs in sub-Saharan Africa.After graduation, he hopes to continue conducting research on poverty alleviation and teach at an American university where he hopes to share his experience and knowledge. His passion for conducting research on poverty alleviation comes from the hardship he faced growing up in poverty, in a refugee camp.  

Alexandra Middlewood received the 17-18 Allan J. Cigler Academic Enrichment Fund Award.  Her co-authored research papers “Guns, Gender, and Political Engagement : Gun Ownership and Women’s Willingness to Discuss Politics” with Dr. Mark Joslyn and Dr. Donald Haider-Markel, and “Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick: Gun Ownership, Motivated Reasoning, and Support for the Use of Military Force” with Patrick Gauding, Dr. Donald Haider-Markel, Dr. Mark Joslyn, Cagil Albayrak, and Bronson Herrera have been accepted at the southern Political Science Association Annual conference in January 2018.  Alexandra also has volunteered as an Election Worker for the 2017 election cycle in Douglas County, and as a Committee Chair for the 2017 American Model United Nations conference. She also received a Prestage Cook Travel Award for 2018.

Other graduate students involved with the issue of gun ownership and political behavior research this year were Andrew Bilbo and Michael Baggs, who co-authored, along with Joslyn and Haider-Markel a study that was part of a special journal issue of Social Science Quarterly (“Gun Politics”).

Todd Schmidt received a Senior Military Fellowship from the Simon Center for the Study of Interagency Cooperation.  He received meritorious service medal for Battalion Command and service overseas in Kuwait and was selected to attend War College at the Army Strategic Planning and Policy Program.  He has a U.S. Army publication in July of “Together We Fight, Together We Win” and in September publicshed “The Human Dimension: The Foundational Investment” in U.S. Army FIRES magazine.  Schmidt, and PhD alum John Kupka were promoted to Colonel in the U.S. Army this year!                                                                                                        

Amilee Turner received the Terri Knoll Johnson award for 2016-17, an award that goes to students in the College who are mothers.  Her conferences included a poster presentation for MPSA “The Psychology Behind the Terrorist Mind and Online Radicalization and Mobilization Efforts” and “The Voice’ of Modern Political and Social Movement: Black Lives Matter and the Utilization of the Social Media Framework at the “Words matter” conference in Bloomington, Indiana.  Amilee also has been working with the GTAs on a project to create online teaching portfolios and other professional development.  Her baby was the first one born in Lawrence in 2017!

Sierra Watt, participated in the following MPSA presentations “Pro-life Paternalism: Race and Reproductive Health” with Rachel Denney, “Rural/Urban Perceptions of Midwestern Human Trafficking: Frontline Workers’ Perspectives” with Dr. Hannah Britton, Corinne Schwarz, Ryan Daugherty, and Marcus Williamson, and “Waiting for a Bang! Instructors of color Navigating the Prospect of Guns on Campus” with Carolina Costa-Candal and Marcy Quiason.  Carolina and Marcy also presented the poster “Triggered? Minority Instructors Navigating the Prospect of Guns on Campus at the conference 4 W: Women, Well-Being, Wisconsin and the World in the spring in Madison, Wisconsin.  Sierra presented her dissertation research, Native American Women’s Representation in Tribal Governments at Red Hot Graduate Research at the KU Commons in fall and for the KU-Haskell Faculty and Graduate Working group in spring.  Her review of Elizabeth Kryder-Reid’s book “California Mission Landscapes: Race, Memory and the Politics of Heritage” was published in News from Native California, Volume 31, Issue 1

Ginger Feather received a 2016-2017 Women’s Learning Partnership Case Study Researcher award ($5,000) and has had a few conference paper presentations.  Last summer “Gender and corruption: the Impact on Family Law and Penal code Reform: Case Studies in Morocco and Tunisia” at the Gender and Corruption Workshop, Sweden
At APSA: “The Impact of Women’s Personal and Legal Empowerment on Corruption in Predominantly-Muslim Countries: Case Studies of Morrocco and Tuisia”

and at the Middles East Studies Assoicaiation, Boston, “Najia Adib: A One-Woman Capaign Against Pedophilia and the Systemic and Structural Impediments to Justice for Women in Morocco”

Todd Schmidt received a Senior Military Fellowship from the Simon Center for the Study of Interagency Cooperation.  .  He received meritorious service medal for Battalion Command and service overseas in Kuwait and was selected to attend War College at the Army Strategic Planning and Policy Program.  He had a U.S. Army  publication in July  of “ Together We Fight, Together we Win” and in September published “The Human Dimension: The foundational Investment” in  U.S. Army FIRES magazine

Sammy Badran and Brian Turnbull have been overseas this year on Fulbright awards .  Sammy, while in Morocco for his work there, also attended a conference debate titled “2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: What does it mean for Morocco?”   Brian Turnbull plans to present some of his initial findings from  his research in India at the APSA this year.

Lidiya Zubytska was selected and sponsored by ISA Northeast during the Fall semester to participate in the Interpretive and Relational Methodologies Workshop in Baltimore in November, 2016  She was also the Chair of a roundtable on “Rethinking the Ukrainian Conflict from Theoretical Perspective” att the Association for Slivic, East European and Eurasian Studies Annual Convention in Washington DC in November.

Bronson Herrera  presented at the Great Plains Political Science Conference “Gender Differences in Perceived Discrimination of Overweight Individuals”  and hopes to present a paper on mass shootings at APSA this Fall.

Luke Herrington, along with Ryan Daugherty will be presenting “Trafficked and Abused God” at MPSA that looks at the ideological differences between faith-based groups’ responses to human trafficking.

prior years:

Ranya Ahmed presented at ISA Midwest in November and at MPSA this Spring “Terrorist Typologies and Tactic Choice”

Sammy Badran is receiving a 2016-2017 U.S. Fulbright Student award!  He will be researching the influence of government reforms and intergroup cleavages on protest levels in Morocco during the Arab Spring!

Brittnee Carter was presented the Carlin GTA Award at the 2016 Graduate Awards Ceremony in the KS Union

Carolina Costa-Candal is receiving a 2016 award from the KU Office of Graduate Studies for her proposed research on the pro-life movement in Europe

Sara Goudge, Ryan Daugherty and Brian Turnbull presented together at MPSA “Using Ethnicity to Target the Personal Vote:
Assessing the Impact of Electoral Systems on Personal Appeals of Ethnic Legislators”

Luke Herrington is one of the editors of a book published in August “Nations under God: The Geopolitics of Faith in the 21st Century”
Also, in October, he presented a paper on religious freedom and domestic terrorism in Africa  to the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

Terilyn Huntington will be a PhD graduate this summer and then the Assistant Professor of Political Science at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in the Fall!   Her recent conference  presentations are:
   “Sorry Not Sorry: Elite Discourse and Justification of Drone Warfare’s Noncombatant Casualties” at ISA
   “Story as Discursive Opposition: Humanizing the Noncombatant in Drone Warfare”  at ISA
   “ The Art of Drones:  Social Transformation through Artistic Expression in a Post-9/11 World”  ISA Northeast convention

Jacob Longaker will be a Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine for the 2016-17 academic year
  His recent conference presentations include:
    “Contending and Negotiating Identity through Institutions: Trans Activism in the Brazillian LGBT Movement”  at MPSA

    “Brazil Today & Moving Forward”  panel participant at Brazilian Student Association, Univ. of KS  Feb 16
    “Roundtable on Transgender Politics” panel participant    Southern Political Science Association conference
   “Contending and Negotiating Identity through Discourse: Trans Activism in the Brazilian LGBT Movement” Southern Political Science
     Association conference”

Steven Mutz received the Lynne Reinner Award for Best Paper Presented by a Graduate Student at ISA Midwest for his paper “Adopted Founding Fathers”

Saatvika Rai will be graduating with her PhD this summer and is teaching at the University of Toledo this Fall!

Steven Sylvester will be a PhD graduate this summer, is getting married, and then has a tenure-track teaching position at
Utah Valley University in the Fall!
    His recent conference presentations include
     - a paper with Dr. Doan and Carolina Costa Candal  “Experts and Ideologues” The Experiential Origins on Misinformation in Abortion Policy”   at APSA                       and

  • “ Individual Support for mandatory Vaccination Policies: The Role of Threat Perception” at MPSA

Brian Turnbull will receive a 2016-2017 Fulbright U.S. Student Award. He will be using the Fulbright for dissertation research in Jaipur, India on local government policy prioritization of women’s issues.

Lydia Zubytska received a full scholarship from the Consortium for Qualitative Methods Research to attend the Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Methods Research at Syracuse University last summer
    Her conference presentation at ISA this year was “Explaining Foreign Policy change in Transitional States: A Case Study of Ukraine between Two Revolutions 2004-2014”   

The following are the Thompson Graduate Summer Scholar award recipients for this year:
   Sierra Reicheneker, Marcus Williamson, and Ryan Daugherty  for work with Dr. Britton…

   Ranya Ahmed, Sammy Badran, and Bronson Herrera  for work with Dr. Haider-Markel ..

  Brian Turnbull, Brittnee Carter for work with Dr. Omelicheva..

Ranya Ahmed, along with Amanda Murdie,   Forthcoming. “International Nongovernmental Organizations and Human Rights Promotion." Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy.   Walter Thompson Scholarship
Cagil Albayrak completed his Masters degree with thesis “Strategic Construction: Designation of Terrorism”, and is preparing to take comprehensive exams next.
Sammy Badran will be presenting a paper titled “The Influence of Western feminism on contemporary Moroccan Feminist Organizations” at MPSA in April.
Brittnee Carter EITM Certification, EITM Summer Institute Fellow, Attended conferences, published in Cambridge Review of International Relations, Lake Michigan College Alumni Achievement Award            Carolina Costa-Candal was president of the PSGA. She and Ryan Daugherty both received Walter Thompson Summer Scholarships and also completed comprehensive exams this semester.
Ginger Feather received a $15,000 PEO Scholars Award for this academic year and was a keynote speaker at the Kansas State PEO convention in Wichita,KS in June.  She presented papers of “Women’s and Youth Movement Activism in Tunisia and Morocco” and “Discursive Shifts in Women’s and Youth Movements: Tunisia and Morocco” based on summer research in Tunisia and Morocco at the European Political Science Association Women and Gender Conference in Upsalla, Sweden and the Social Movements conference on Unfinished Project Arab Spring in Edmonton, Canada in September.  She also presented work in Morocco in May and completed comprehensive exams this semester.           Sara Goudge received a Walter Thompson Summer Scholarship.      Luke Herrington is currently researching the relationship between religion and terrorism, and the effects of internet use on political tolerance.  His book, published in August with Al McKay and Jeffrey Haynes is “Nations Under God: The Geopolitics of Faith in the Twenty-First Century” He was also a Thompson Scholar this year.  He presented a paper at the 2015 Society for Scientific Study of Religion conference in Newport Beach, California in October and had a book review published: Review of Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base by Annie Jacobsen, in the Special Operations Journal.           Fassue Kelleh passed his comprehensive exams this semester and is working on dissertation.     John Livingstone is completing his dissertation and recently presented French & German Foreign Policy toward Russia.  Jacob Longaker will attend SPSA 2016 in Puerto Rico and presenting work from his dissertation entitled “Contending and Negotiating Identity through Discourse: Trans Activism in the Brazilian LGBT movement”  He also will be  in a roundtable “Transgender Politics” with Jami K. Taylor an author and co-editor of Transgender Rights and Politics, with Dr. Donald Haider-Markel and other scholars.  He has been selected to receive a Prestage-Cook Travel Grant from SPSA to attend the annual meeting.
Patrick McCarthy has been on leave, but will be returning to complete his dissertation.  Saatvika Rai received the APSA Travel Grant and attended APSA in San Francisco.  She is a research associate under Dr. Dorothy Daley for the NSF project on “Climate Risk Governance & Polycentrism in the U.S. States.  Benjamin Rogers passed his comprehensive exams and is working on his dissertation.  He was a Walter Thompson Scholar.     Brian Turnbull is completing exams  and working on his dissertation. He was also a Thompson Scholar.  Charles Malcom Williams successfully defended his dissertation “Conflict, Corruption, and Consent: an analysis of popular support in Afghanistan"

Ken Ahn completed his dissertation “American Militarism in the U.S. Congress:
Weapon Procurement Programs from the 103rd to the 112nd Congress”
Sammy Badran analyzed the effects that reforms and repression have had on
protest levels within the context of the ‘Arab Spring’. He also spent two months studying
Modern Standard Arabic at the Arabic Language Institute in Fez, Morocco.
Svetla Ben-Izhak completed her dissertation “Terrorism and Foreign Aid”
Chelsie Bright received a 2014-2015 Doctoral Studies Research Fund award
With Dr. Haider-Markel, “Lesbian Candidates and Officeholders” in Women and
elected Office: Past, Present, and future,”
3rd ed Oxford University Press
Adam Brown is completing his dissertation & is on the market
Luke Campbell successfully defended his dissertation & is on the market
Brittnee Carter: Warren E. Miller Fellowship for Quantitative Social Research
Book review. Jennifer Mitzen. Power in Concert: The Nineteenth Century Origins
of Global Governance. In Cambridge Review of International Affairs
Carolina Costa Candal Thompson Summer Scholar, 2014
Ryan Daugherty is a recipient of a 2014 Tinker Field Research Grant for
research in Guatemala, conducting research on indigenous participation
in the Guatemalan political process.
Ginger Feather: Awarded expense paid trip to Berlin, Germany for
SFB 700 Governance in Area of Limited Statehood Working Group Oct 31-
Nov 1, 14 to present work on “Women’s Empowerment: The Necessary Precursor to   
Good Governance and Democratization in Fourth Wave Predominantly-Muslim Countries”
“Competing Frameworks: Moroccan Feminists Diverge over Best Path to Moroccan
Women’s Rights” Journal of Women and Human Rights in the Middle East 2014
 “A Muslim Feminist Interpretation of Women’s empowerment and Gender Parity:
 Case Studies of Morocco and Egypt”  She goes to Morocco in March for a
 workshop on Gender, Law & Social Change in North Africa, sponsored by Hilary
 Rodham Clinton Center for Women’s Empowerment (HCC). In April she will be
 in Morocco, Tunisia Egypt for more interviews with women’s associations.
Derek Glasgow -
“Political Theory Simulations in the Classroom: Simulating John Locke’s
Second Treatise of Government” PS: Political Science
Brian Hanson completed his dissertation    
Luke Herrington and Robert W. Murray (Univ. of Alberta) “Russia, Ukraine, and the
Testing of American Hegemony,” E-International Relations
Terilyn Huntington 2013-14 Humanities and Western Civilization Distinguished
Graduate Instructor (public award lecture “The Alienation of Soldier from Battlefield:
Unmanned aerial Vehicles and the Rise of the Cubicle Warrior” May 6, 2014)
2014-15 Institute for Policy and Social Research –Doctoral Research FellowshipTravel grants to 2014 ISA (Toronto) and ISA NE (Baltimore)
2014-2015 doctoral fellow with the Institute for Policy and Social Research
Alexander Jorgensen completed his dissertation and is on the market
Johnathon Kupka  completed his dissertation
John Livingstone’s current research is focused on U.S. intervention into humanitarian crisis and European political party behavior.  Future research will focus on U.S. foreign policy planning.
Jacob Longaker returned from his Fulbright work in Brazil.  He will present work
at the IX Southeast Regional Meeting of Travetis & Transsexuals in São Paulo, Brazil
(Dec. 16 - 19), and will be participating on a panel about the gender-identity bill currently
in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies.
Jerry Moon completing dissertation   
Kyle Patterson completed MA thesis
Saatvika Rai Walter Thompson summer scholar work with Derek Glasgow and
Dr. Dorothy Daley on “Subnational Climate Governance and Environmental Performance”
GRA for NSF Project on climate Risk Governance and Polycentrism in U.S. States..
Thomas Ringenberg  He has ongoing collaborative research projects, and is
completed his dissertation, under Prof. Loomis, titled “Issue Voting in a Polarized Congress”
Ben Rogers completed his MA thesis.  His recent work focuses on the creation and improve-
ment of stepwise selection techniques to large datasets, concentrating on prediction, improving both
the function and interpretability of these methods, and increasing the flexibility when given data that
other methods cannot interpret.  His last algorithm, which is featured in his master’s thesis, was able
to compete with penalized regression techniques for making predictions.
Joshua Schukman Thompson Summer Scholar, 2014         
Steven Sylvester Thompson Summer Scholar, 2014; currently revising a submission with Policy Studies
entitled “Buzz Kill: State Adoption of DUI Interlock Laws”  Presented conference papers
and co-authored a book chapter in the forthcoming Interest Group Politics, 9th ed. Entitled
“Changing Policies/Changing Hearts and Minds: The Evolution of the LGBT Movement”
Steven Tennant will be assisting U.S. Border Patrol with the development of curriculum to
teach conceptual and operational planning processes.  He’s also conducting analysis of DHS
and CBP policies and strategies for disrupting transnational criminal networks engaged in
the traffic of humans, narcotics and other contraband.
Steven Torrente won the Harris award, and is on the market.  His dissertation is on torture ethics
and he has an article on just war forthcoming in Telos.  He will be presenting a paper
on post-subjective ethics at the International Studies Assoc. meetings in New Orleans.
Brian Turnbull spent six weeks in India this past summer developing his Hindi language skills
at the Landour Language School and plans on returning for additional instruction next summer. 
He is currently conducting research on differences in voting behavior across the states of India.
Charles Malcolm Williams completed his dissertation
Lidiya Zubytska  Univ. of Kansas Graduate Studies 2014 Summer Research Fellowship
for study “Foreign Policy Making in Quasi-Democratic Societies: The Case of the Ukraine”
Jarosewycz Family Scholarship in Ukrainian Studies, KU CREES, 2014
Lynne Rienner Best Student Paper Award by ISA-Midwest for “How Do Revolutions Spread?
The Spatial Diffusion of Collective Action in the Case of Color Revolutions”
Thompson Summer Scholar 2014.  In addition to working on her dissertation,
Lidiya is currently working on a joint project with Professor Omelicheva on
“A National School of IR’ in Russia: A Key to Understanding ‘Russia’s IR’
to be presented at the International Studies Association Annual conference
in New Orleans in February.

 Ginger Feather, had selected for publication in the Journal of Women and Human Rights in the Middle East, " Competing Frameworks: Wester-Leaning Muslim
Feminists and Islamic Femisist Differ Over Best Path to Women's Rights"

Chelsie Bright and Professor Don Haider-Markel (2014) publication of "Lesbian Candidates and Officeholders" in Women and elected Office: Past,
Present, and Future
, 3rd ed, Sue Thomas and Clyde Wilcox, eds. New York: Oxford University Press

Laura Dean "Policy Responses to Human Trafficking in Souther Afica: Domesticating International Norms" with Dr. Hannah Britton in Human Rights Review
Feb. 2014

Lidiya Zubytska co-authored an article with Dr. Omelicheva on "The Failures and Prospects of Regional Organization: Lessons from Post-Soveiet Space and Beyond"

Brittnee Carter "Kenneth Waltz, Meta-Theorist? Mind-World Monism in "Theory of International Polics" Published in E-International Relations Journal, July 2013
Also upcoming: American Political Science Association- Washington DC, August 2014 - Co-Aurhored with Ginger Feather - Working title: "Clash of Civilizations:
Self versus Other in Liberal christian Democracies and Illiberal Muslim Democracies"

Ryan Daugherty is a recipient of a 2014 Tinker Field Research Grant for research he is proposing to conduct in Guatamala.

Terilyn Huntington received the 2013-2014 Distinguished Graduate Instructor for the Humanities and Western Civ, and also was
awarded an ISA travel grant.

Brittany Carter is the Student Vice President of Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars, beginning Fall 2014.

Chelsie Bright and Laura Dean participated in the Graduate Research Competition at the Kansas Union in March 2014.

Chelsie Bright received a EITM Certification Scholarship to attend ICPSR

Laura Dean received the Social Science Research Council Eurasia Program Dissertation Development Award, and also the
Normal E. Saul Travel Award, from the Center for Russia East European and Eurasian Studies.

Spring 2014 PhD graduate, Juan Urbano, won the Midwestern Political Science Association Latino Caucus' best Graduate Student Award.
Juan will be teaching at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christie, starting Fall 2014.

Lidiya Zubytska has won the Lynne Rienner Best Student Paper Award for her paper "Spatial Diffusion of Collective Action: The Case of Color Revolutions"
that she presented at the 2013 ISA Midwest conference.  The monetary award will be presented to her at the upcoming conference in November 2014.
Lidiya also received a Summer Fellowship Award from the Office of Graduate Affairs, and she published a book review "Controlling Institutions: How Greater (and lesser)
Powers Govern International Organizations" in the Journal of International Organization Studies.

Luke Campbell presented  a paper titled "The Probability of (Affective) Success: Just War and Winning the War on Terror" at ISA-Midwest in St. Louis, Nov 7-9

Jacob Longaker has been awarded a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad award to study political representation of marginalized groups in Brazil.
  Jacob's dissertation focuses on understanding the relationship between the LGBT social movement and public policy in Brazil.  Jacob will conduct one year of
  multi-sited fieldwork in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Goias starting in January 2014.
Jacob also has approved for publication "Strategis for Negotiating Identity Differences: Lessons from the Brazilliam LGBT Movement" in  Transnational Queer Activism.

Dan Chen presented a paper at APSA titled " Evolving Propaganda Strategy of People's Daily Content: Analyzing Anticorruption Articles from 1978-2012"

Saatvika Rai presented a paper at APSA titled "Climate Variation, Food Security and Human Migration in Kenya"  Saatvika received the KU Endowment - KU Women for KU Women grant to attend APSA.
Vika also  received the Harrel rodgers Graduae Student Travel Scholarship from the Policy Studies Organization in January 2014.  Also, a NSF IGERT, and is a  Haskell Environmental Research Studies Climate
change Summer Institute-IGERT Research Mentor & Advisor for Enviornmental Policy.

Jacob Longaker and Saatvika Rai have been inducted in the IPSR Doctoral Research Fellows Program.

Recent PhD graduate, Matthew Miles, had a chapter from his dissertation "the Bully Pulpit and Media Coverage: Power without Persuasian" accepted for publication in The International Journal of Press/Politics.

More 2012/2013:

Chelsie Bright presented “Power Distances and Struggles: The Centralization of Education Among the American States” at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Political Science Association.
She also presented  Kansas Voter ID Laws: Advertising and It’s Effect on Turnout” with Dr. Michael Lynch
At Midwest Chelsie presented  Educational Solutions for Financial Troubles: Policy Diffusion in Personal Finance Education.
    With Professor Don Haider-Markel, Chelsie has the following publication forthcoming “Lesbian Candidates and Officeholders” in Women and Elected Office: Past, Present and Future, 3rd Edition.
   Chelsie participated in the annual Capital Research Summit, she received a EITM Certification Scholarship, Graduate Scholarly travel fund money, EITM travel scholarship, and was a DACOR Bacon House Fellow.  She’s also receiving a Walter Thompson Scholarship.

Laura Dean presented two papers this year “Human Trafficking Policy Variation in the Post-Soviet Region” at the Third European Conference on Gender and Politics in Barcelona, Spain   and
“The Social Construction of Trafficking Victims in the Ukrainian Media” Prsented at the International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Ginger Feather presented “ Assesing Women’s Empowerment and Gender Party in Morocco and Egypt with a Muslim Feminist Lens: Gains under Mohammed VI and Mubarak and Prospects for Women’s future with Islamic Party Dominated Parliaments” at the Arab-Spring Revisited Conference in Morocco
   and presented “The Impact of Family Law Reform on Demographic Trends: Egypt and Morocco” at the
African Studies Association (ASA) conference in Boston.

Ryan Gibb completed his PhD and has presented at the following conferences this year:

    Midwest – “Testing for Electoral Fraud in Uganda’s 2011 Presidential Elections”
    Midwest – “Redistricting in Africa: Comparing Fractured Districts with Alternative Fairness Criteria.”
    Mid America Alliance for African Studies annual meeting “Accessing Rights in Rural Uganda: Land   
     Tenure and Security in Rural Africa”
   Kansas African Studies Ujamaa Brown Bag Series – “Testing for Electoral Fraud in African Elections”
   Ryan also co-edited a book with Fiona Yap in 2013  “Annual Editions: Comparative Politics (13/14)”
   Ryan also helped Dr. Hannah Britton put on her conference “Kansas Conference on Slavery and Human Trafficking”
   Ryan Gibb is also the recipient of the Argersinger Dissertation Prize this year!

Derek Glasgow presented papers at Midwest titled  “How Self-interest Limits Partisan Frames: The Case of Public Support for Power Plant Construction” and “Simulating Locke’s Second Treatise of Government in the Classroom”.

Brian Hanson, Juan Urbano, and Tom Ringenberg received the WPSA Best Paper Award on Latina/Latino Politics  for  Social Contact and Changing Demographics in Rural Communities
at the 2012 Western Political Science association conference.  The paper was titled
"Racial Threat, Immigration, and Trust in Congress".

Terilyn Huntington presented at ISA(International Studies Association Annual Convention), “ The Rise of the Cubicle Warrior: UAVs and the Alienation of the Soldier from the Battlefield”.

Alex Jorgensen presented a paper at Midwest titled “ Killer Speed: A study of speed limit increases in Kansas” Alex also had a poster presentation of “ Deterring Unwanted Behavior: Preliminary results following the upgrade to primary enforcement of seat belt laws” at the State Politics and Policy Conference in Iowa City, 2012.

Chris Kroh presented a dissertation chapter at Midwest, and the overall findings, “Persuasion and Consensus: Dissent Management in the European Pariliment.

Jacob Longaker presented a paper at Midwest titled “Discursive Control of Female Sexuality: The Politics of Abortion in the 2010 Brazilian Presidential Election”
  He also has a book chapter forthcoming, with Don Haider-Markel “What’s in a Name? Transgender Policy in Latin American Countries: A Comparative Perspective” in Transgender Rights and Public Policy.

(translation, forthcoming 2013). Russo, Jane A. "From Deviation to Disorder: The Medicalization of Sexuality in Contemporary Psychiatric Classifications of Disease." In Sexuality, Culture, and Politics - a South American Reader, eds. CLAM: Latin American Center on Sexuality and Human Rights.  Rio de Janeiro, RJ: Editora Garamond.

Vika Rai  Among her presentations,  a paper at Midwest titled “Who decides to move? Spatial Analysis of Climate Variation and Human Migration in Kenya” 
   At Mid American Alliance for African Studies joint meeting with ISA  her paper presentation was “What We Call Them: changing Definitions of Environmental Refuges and Implications for Vulnerable Communities in East Africa”.

    For the Wiley-Blackwell Online Conference “Discussant, Migration in a Changing World: Where Do We go Now?

      She was involved with several conferences and was a key organizer for” Beyond the Long Hot Summer: The Future of Water in Kansas” with the NSF C-Change IGERT program,  a volunteer for the
“Kansas Conference on Slavery and Human trafficking”, and a principle investigator for “A World without Nuclear Weapons: Our “NewClear” future”.

  Vika has received several awards:
     CHS Foundation Mini-Grant Award, for innovative academic and leadership programs.
     Ruben Zadigan Scholarship in Environmental Studies
     Graduate Scholarly Presentation Travel Scholarship,
       and the  Walter Thompson Graduate Scholarship.

Thomas Ringenberg, along with professor Doan, presented a paper at Midwest  entitled “Father Knows Best: Redefining Scientific Knowledge and Reaffirming State Paternalism through Antiabortion Legislation in the States.

Steven Torrente presented two papers at the International Studies Association meeting earlier in April.  “The Body in Space: Answering the challenge of Subjective Knowledge of Torture” and  “Torture, Information, and the Elusiveness of Security”.

Juan Urbano presented a paper  at the Midwest titled, "Rural Language by Law: Why Rural Towns Pass English Only Laws".

Lidiya Zubytska  presented “Europeanness and Democracy: Ukraine through the Lens of Euro 2012” at the ISA Midwest 2012 conference.  She also presented a paper on “Moscow Protest 2011-2012: Structural Preconditions and Sustainability” at the 9th Biennial Conference on Conflict Studies at the University of Massachusetts in Boston in 2012.    Lidiya also co-authored an article with Professor Mariya Omelicheva on “The Failures and Prospects of Regional Organizations: Lessons from Post-Soviet Space and Beyond” (2013).

Those awarded Thompson this year included 
     Chelsie Bright and Steven Sylvester, to work with Elaine Sharp and Don Haider-Markel
    Brian Hanson and Joshua Schukman, to work with Gary Reich’s project
   and Jacob Longaker, Thomas Ringenberg, and Ben Rogers to work with Alesha Doan

Prior awards/activities ...

Chelsie Bright received a DACOR Bacon House Foundation fellowship for the academic year 2012-2013.  The foundation was established for the purpose of contributing to the development of mutual international understanding and strengthening of ties between the people of the United States and other nations.  To this end it pursues programs of a public and educational nature to enhance public awareness and foster educated leadership in international affairs.  Bright will have the status of a DACOR fellow for life.

Dan Chen’s Walter Thompson award from the department assisted her in attending the summer program, Inter-University consortium for Political and Social Research.  Dan also received the assistance of a John A. Garcia Scholarship!

Derek Glasgow, who completed his MA this summer and is continuing in the PhD program, presented at the Mid-West Political Science Association in Chicago in April 2012 with a paper titled “The Impact of State Politics and Policy on Fossil Fuel Plant Construction.”.

Chris Kroh’s Walter Thompson award from the department helped to fund field research in Brussels Belgium and Stasboug France, where he interviewed 85 members of the European Parliament and their staff, and observed 38 closed party meetings for his dissertation research examining how party groups manage dissent and what impact dissent management has on dissent levels.

Matt Miles received Walter Thompson support for his research proposal on “Procedural Fairness and Support for Unequal Political Outcomes.” Matt also received the Harris Dissertation Completion Fellowship for 2012-13 from the department.

Saatvika (Vika) Rai’s Walter Thompson award from the department helped support her research in Kenya, titled “Impacts of climate change on human migration and conflict in Kenya”.  Vika also received a Ruben Zadigan Scholarship Award from the Enviornmental Studies program here at the University of Kansas, and she is a Research Associate at the National Science Foundation IGERT C-Change (Climate Change, Humans, and Nature in the Global Environment).

Kristina Youngblood presented a paper titled “The Language of Intervention: R2P in the Case of  Libya” at the British International Studies Association in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK in June 2012.  While in Scotland, she also participated in a workshop conference “Protecting Human Rights: Duties and Ressponsibilities of States and Non-State Actors” sponsored by the Glasgow Human Rights Network in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Lidiya Zubytska’s Thompson award from the department  helped with her summer research trip to the 2012 Euro Cup for  “Europenization of Ukraine: The 2012 Euro Cup in Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Orientation”.

Some prior graduate student activity,  see also newsletters and the graduate student profiles

Laura Dean - 2012 Howard J. Baumgartel Peace and Justice Award

Baris Kesgin has won the Margaret G. Hermann Award for Best Paper Utilizing Text Analysis in
Leadership Studies for his paper "How Do 'Secular' and 'Religious' Leaders Shape Foreign Policy Behavior
Towards the United States?" presented at the 2009 meeting of the ISA Midwest.

Ken Aikins - 2010 Howard Baumgartel Peace and Justice Award

Cody Brown - Winner of the 16th annual Roy and Betty Laird REES Essay Competition, 2010 for
the paper " Comrades in Crime: The Rise of the balkan Mafia in the Former Yugoslavia"
FLAS fellowhip, academic year 2010-2011

The 2009 Joseph P. Harris Fellowship, given to an outstanding graduate student whose major unfinished
task is completion of the doctoral dissertation, was awarded to Will Delehanty.

Adam Brown was the recipient of the 2009 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award given by
the Political Science Department’s Political Science Graduate Association.

Laura Dean, who is the recipient of a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) award, also won the
15th annual Roy and Betty Laird Center for Russian Studies Essay competition for the essay:
“The implications of East European sex tourism in a neocolonial context.”

Baris Kesgin’s essay on “Comparative Foreign Policy” will be published in the 21st Century Political
Science reference handbook. He is also the winner of a 2009 KU Graduate School Summer
Fellowship. His summer project: data collection to supplement an existing international events
data set.

Cristian Cantir – International Fellowship, University of Kansas, 2006-07

Tasha Keathley – Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (Kiswhahili), 2006-07

Tasha Keathley - Eddie Jacobsen Memorial Foundation Scholarship/Truman Good Neighbor Award, 2007

Andrew Hom - 3rd Place Winner, Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth's DePuy Writing Competition, "The New Legs Race: Critical Perspectives on Biometrics in Iraq". 2007


Andrea Vieux (co-authored with Prof. Donald Haider-Markel) “Gender and Conditional Support for Torture in the
War on Terror” Politics & Gender 4:5-33 (2008)

Matthew Beverlin and William Delehanty (co-authored with Prof. Donald Haider-Markel) “Media Framing and Racial
Attitudes in the Aftermath of Katrina,” Policy Studies Journal, November 2007.

Will Delehanty (co-authored with Prof. Brent Steele) “Engaging the Narrative in Ontological (In)security Theory:
Insights from Feminist IR” Cambridge Review of International Affairs, September, 2009.

Jim Stoutenborough and Matt Beverlin, “Encouraging Pollution-Free Energy: The Diffusion of State Net Metering
Policies” Social Science Quarterly, December, 2008.

Baris Kesgin and Juliet Kaarbo (forthcoming in May 2010). “When and How Parliaments Influence Foreign Policy:
The Case of Turkey’s Iraq Decision.” International Studies Perspectives.

Holona LeAnne Ochs, " 'Color Blind' Policy in Black and White: The Racial Consequences of the Race Neutral Policy of Disenfranchisement." Policy Studies Journal (2006).

Holona LeAnne Ochs, Jeff Yates and Andrew B. Whitford, "Ideological Extremism and Public Participation." Social Science Quarterly (2006) .

Holona LeAnne Ochs and Andrew B. Whitford, "The Political Roots of Executive Clemency." American Politics Research (2006).

Matthew Beverlin and William Delehanty, “Racial Identity Theory and Hurricane Katrina.” Policy Studies Journal. (Forthcoming 2007).

Kellee J. Kirkpatrick and James W. Stoutenborough, “Confidence in the Press: The Impact of Political Events on an Individuals Confidence.” Public Opinion Pros (April 2007).

Donald P. Haider-Markel, Alana Querze, and Kara Lindaman, “Loose, Win or Draw? A Reexamination of Direct Democracy and Minority Rights.” Political Research Quarterly (Forthcoming).

James W. Stoutenborough, Donald P. Haider-Markel, and Mahalley D. Allen, “Reassessing the Impact of Supreme Court Decisions on Public Opinion: Gay Civil Rights Cases.” Political Research Quarterly 59(3): 419-433. (2006).


Kenneth Aikens, " Local Government or Local Patrimonialism? The Limits of Decentralization in Ghauna", Midwest Political Science Association conference, April 2010.

Sveltla Ben-Itzhak, "The Linkages of Poverty and Foreign Aid to Political Stability in Weak and Fragile Sub-Saharan African States: 1990-2007".
International Studies Association-Midwest Annual Conference, February 2010.

Adam Brown, "Hard-liners, Moderates, and the Termination of the Phillipine-American War" - Presented at International Studies Association, Midwest Annual Conference, November 2009.

Cody Brown , " Following the Leader: Slobodan Milosevic and Servian Mobilization" presented at the Central Slavic Studies Conference part of ISA Midwest, Saint Louis, Nov 2009.

Laura Dean, "East European Sex Tourism in a Neocolonial Context: The Czech Republic and Latvia" National Women's Studies Association Conference in Atlanta, GA, Nov 2009. "Planes, Trains and Ferries: Implicaions of Sex Tourism in the Baltic States" Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies Conference, Seattle, WA, April 2010.

Andri Innes, "Why are human rights withheld from those who ask for them: An Analysis of the Asylum Seeker Problem" International Studies Annual Conference, New Orleans, Feb 2010 " Ontological Security as a Human Right: A Framework of Analysis of Refugees'Stats and Conditions in Temporary Camps and Holding Centers in Europe" International Studies Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, Feb 2010.

Franziska Jung, "Mobilizing Athiests: The Church's Role in the 1989 Protest in East Germany" Midwest Political Science Association Conference, Chicago, April 2010.

Baris Kesgin, " A Tale of Two Communities on a Small Island: Mobilization Movements in Cyprus during the Annan Plan Debate" Midwest Political Science Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, along with Andri Innes, April 2010 "Marrying Events Data and Operational Code Analysis: How Do Leader Beliefs Shape State Behavior?" International Studies Association Annual Convention, New Orleans, Feb 2010.
"Turkey's 2003 Iraqi War Decision Reconsidered: A Sequential Approach" , with Binnur Ozkececi-Taner International Studies Assoc. Annual Convention, New Orleans, February 2010 How Do Operational Codes of “Secular” and “Religious” Leaders Match with State Behavior towards the United States?” Paper presented at the annual meeting of International Studies Association-Midwest in St.Louis, MO November 5-7, “Mission Impossible? Teaching Critical Analytical and Writing Skills in Large Lecture Classes” Paper presented at the annual meeting of International Studies Association-Midwest in St. Louis MO, with Alexandria Innes, and Kate Weaver November 5-7, 2009 “In the Decision to Go to War: Dynamics of Turkey’s Iraq War Policy Making” presented at American Political Science Association Convention in Toronto, Canada. September 2-5, 2009, “The Elusive Quest for Learning: Intensive Analytical Writing in Large Lecture Undergraduate Courses” presented at American Political Science Association Convention in Toronto, Canada, with Alexandria Innes, and Kate Weaver.

Kellee Kirkpatrick, “ Pathways to Parenthood: The Impact of State Law on Surrogate Parenting, Chicago, IL Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, 2010, “State Mandated Pregnancies: State Pregnancy Provisions in Living Wills with James Stoutenborough and Cristian Cantir, Chicago IL, Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, 2010 Accepted: State Mandated Pregnancies: State Pregnancy Provisions in Living Wills with James W. Stoutenborough and Cristian Cantir, Washington, DC American Political Science Association Annual Conference, Fall 2010.

Andrea Vieux, : “Religious Rates and Home School Fates” Midwest Political Science Association, April 2010.

Justin Tucker, "Implementing EMS in Bureacracy: The Case of Executive Order 13148." Presented at the meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 2006.

Justin Tucker and Melchor Oritz, "My Data Aren't Normal, but My Tests Are: Weighting Individual Data for Non-Parametric Analysis." To be presented at the National Meeting of the American Society for Mining and Reclamation, Gillette, WY, June 2007.

Justin Tucker and Bruce Buchanan, "Historic Climax Communities as Reference Areas." To be presented at the National Meeting of the American Society for Mining and Reclamation, Gillette, WY, June 2007.

Justin Tucker, Anne Wagner, Jeremy Niemeier and Bruce Buchanan, "Comparison of Forest Regeneration in a Subsidence Zone to a Reference Area." To be presented at the National Meeting of the American Society for Mining and Reclamation, Gillette, WY, June 2007.

Justin Tucker with Bruce Buchanan, Matt Owens, Tim Ramsey, and John Mexal, "Evaluating the Effects of Spoil Thickness and Cover Soil Depth on Vegetation Using Three Years of Plant Cover and Production." Presented at the Billings Land Reclamation Symposium, Billings, MT, June 2006.

Holona LeAnne Ochs, "Health Inequality: The Children of "Undeserving" Mothers." Presented at the American Political Science Association, 2007.

Holona LeAnne Ochs, "Workfare Policies and the Impoverishment of Marginalized Groups: What's Fair About Workfare?" 2007.

Matthew Beverlin and Ian Ostrander, “You’re Fired: Presidential Staff Turnover and Public Opinion.” Presented at the Western Political Science Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2007.

Bryce Dietrich, "A Window of Opportunity: Public Participation and State School Board Agenda Setting." Presented at the Western Political Science Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2007.

Bryce Dietrich, "The Public and School Borad Agenda Setting: A New Interpretive Model." Presented a the Midwest Political Science Association's Conference. Chicago, Illinois, April 2007.

Ryan Gibb, “South-South Financing and Characteristics of Third World Ownership.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois, April 2007.

Baris Kesgin, “The Christian Democrats of Turkey? Bias or Misperception: The Justice and Development Party’s Foreign Media Coverage.” Presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association, Hilton Towers, Chicago, Illinois, March 2007.

Baris Kesgin, “Turkish Politics at the Crossroads.” Presented at the German Marshall Fund conference, Washington D.C., February 8, 2007.

Baris Kesgin and S. Pakdil, “To be a Conservative (Muslim) Democrat, or to be an Islamist: Does it really matter? An image problem for the Justice and Development Party of Turkey.” Presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association--Midwest, Saint Louis, Missouri, November 2006.

Matthew Slaboch, “What Accounts for Czech Atheism?” Presented at the Midwest Slavic Conference, April 14, 2007.

James Stoutenborough, “Promoting Wind Energy: Evaluating the Effects of State Renewable Energy Incentives.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2007.

James Stoutenborough, “Electoral Competition: The Battle between Aggregate and Annual Measurements.” Presented at the Seventh Annual State Politics and Policy Conference, Austin, Texas, 2007.

James Stoutenborough, “The Effects of Yearly Electoral Competition Measures on Public Welfare Expenditures in Florida: An Analysis over Time.” Presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2006.

James Stoutenborough and Ryan Gibb, “The Effects of Annual Electoral Competition Measures on State Highway and Corrections Expenditures: Analyses over time.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2007.

James Stoutenborough and Kellee Kirkpatrick, “Confidence in the Press: The Impact of Political Events on an Individuals Confidence.” Presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2006.

James Stoutenborough and Kellee Kirkpatrick, “Rethinking the Impact of the Media: Politics, Confidence, and a New Theory.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois, April 2007.

James Stoutenborough and Andrea Vieux, “Diffusion in the States: Constitutional Provisions for State Education.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois, April 2007.

Andrea Vieux, "Partisanship of Young Voters: 9/11 as a Catalyst for PreAdult Socialization." Presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, April 2007.

Ben Lampe, "Socioeconomic Rights as Human Rights: Legitimacy in International Relations Theory." Presented at the Midwest International Studies Association Conference, 2006.

Will Delehanty and Ian Ostrander, "The Dynamics of Political Trust and Racial Identity within the Melting Pot." Presented at the annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2007.


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