Grade Appeal Policy

The Grade Appeal policy at the Department of Political Science is governed by the University Senate Rules and Regulations, which limits appeals to the “improper application of the grading procedure announced for the course by the instructor” (U.S.R.R. 2.3.5).

The Grade Appeal process is as follows:

  1. Prior to submitting a grade appeal, a student should contact the instructor to ensure that miscalculations have not occurred and with a view to resolving any misunderstanding.
  2. Grade appeals pertain only to the course grade; appeals are not considered for particular exams, papers, assignments, etc.
  3. Grade appeals are accepted for consideration only if the student makes the case that course instructor failed to apply grade standards consistently across students, or did not follow through on announced or written standards of grading. The grade cannon be appealed on the ground that the student simply disagrees with the grade.
  4.  A student who decides to pursue a grade appeal after communicating with the course instructor must submit all of the following:
    1. Statement in writing to show (1) with the course-instructor and the results of those contacts/communications.
    2. Statement in writing clearly describing the way(s) in which the course instructor failed to follow announced or written standards of grading or failed to apply grade standards consistently.
    3. All class exams, assignments, papers, quizzes, etc., that may serve as evidence in support of (b).
    4. Student should be sure to include current contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email address).
  5. No appeals will be considered without all of the above materials. All materials for the appeal may be mailed or submitted to the Undergraduate Studies Director:
    Director of Undergraduate Studies
    Department of Political Science
    1541 Lilac Lane, Room 504 Blake HallMbr /> University of Kansas Lawrence, KS 66044
  6. The Director will assess the situation and communicate with the course-instructor and student to mediate a solution or provide a decision.
  7. If the student is dissatisfied with the Director’s decision, the student may submit a written appeal to a hearing before the Undergraduate Studies Committee. Both the course-instructor and the student will submit materials in writing for the hearing. The Director of Undergraduate Studies shall schedule and chair the committee during the hearing but will not be a voting member. If any member of the hearing committee has a conflict of interest, he or she will be replaced by another member of the department chosen by the Chair of the department.
  8. At the conclusion of the department’s Undergraduate Studies Committee hearing, both instructor and student will be informed of the result and their right to appeal to the Judicial Board. The departmental process for grade appeal is exhausted here. In accordance with the University Senate Rules and Regulations (U.S.R.R. 2.3.1), only the instructor on record may submit a grade change unless exceptional circumstances pertain.