Graduate Student Resources

Below are resources that may be useful as you pursue your career.

  • Political Science Graduate Student Handbook: The handbook describes the most essential aspects of graduate study in Political Science at the University of Kansas as determined by Departmental policy and University regulations. It contains detailed descriptions of course requirements, exam procedures, and campus resources. View the handbook.
  • College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA):The College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA) is responsible for graduate program quality and degree completion. COGA offers MA and PhD checklists for graduation requirements, and maintains a set of useful links to pages in the KU Policy Library relevant to graduate students. Current students are subject to all of these policies in addition to their catalog requirements. Please consult the policy links with any questions about University graduate policies.
  • M.A. Degree Requirements Checklist
  • Graduate Catalog: All requirements for the degrees are listed in the Academic Catalog page for Political Science. Your requirements are set by the Catalog that is in effect in the first semester of your studies. You may opt to switch to a later revision of the Catalog. To view your Catalog, select a year on the Academic Catalogs page, open Liberal Arts and Sciences, find Political Science, and click on your degree. See more on the KU Academic Catalogs.
  • Prelim Exams: See more on written prelim exam preparation.
  • Copying/Scanning: Political Science Department MFD directions  (504A Blake)


    -Select ID Number button    (number you arranged with office to set up to use - this is preferable to using your KU log in, which is difficult to type in to the copier and you want to avoid being charged for copies)

        -Enter ID#  and push Log In

        -Choose   Device Functions   or   Scan

        -Choose POLS General

        -Choose Access Device

        -Select Copy

         Enter number of copies, select staple if you want stapled, etc.

        -Push Start

        pages to copy can be put in the feed or on the glass

       -Push Access button to exit back to sign in screen

       (If Scanning, select POLS General

      -Scan to Email





      Scans will send as pdf unless you change setting

      - Be sure to exit up at the top right had corner when finished)