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Hire a PhD, Walter Schmidt

Walter Schmidt

Walter Schmidt studies American Public Opinion and Public Policy, with a focus on understanding public attitudes about environmental politics and energy politics. Newly on the Market!

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On the Market, Spencer Shanks

Spencer Shanks

“Spencer’s work uses experimental simulation design to integrate the classroom into foreign policy research. His work shows: (1) student learning outcomes are higher for those exposed to simulations; (2) women (she/her) and men (he/him) have different determinants of negotiation success in domestic and international negotiations; and (3) security interests are over-represented in economic negotiations.”

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On the Market Nicole Purcell

Nicole Purcell

Nicole Purcell studies both Comparative Politics and American Politics. She is newly on the market, and her dissertation title is "It's My Party and I'll Agree if I Want To: Explaining Agreement and Loyalty through Member-, Party-, and Country-level Traits"

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