Key Offices at KU

Your unit’s Director of Graduate Studies or Graduate Academic Advisor is your first stop for any questions related to graduate study or requirements. If you would like to research an issue in advance of speaking with your department or if you still have questions, the following offices can help:

College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA)

COGA oversees graduate affairs and administers University policy for programs within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The COGA website contains comprehensive information on requirements and processes pertaining to graduate education at KU. Most common questions can be answered with the information provided there, including questions regarding enrollment changes or forms, University policies regarding exams and committee requirements, and University graduation requirements. The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences' Master’s Hooding Ceremony is coordinated by COGA.

COGA reviews all student petitions of University and College policy, issuing decisions on behalf of the College or referring as required to a faculty committee and/or the Office of Graduate Studies. The more common student petitions relate to Enrollment, Graduate Credit, Leave of Absence, and Time Limit Extensions.

The Graduate Academic Advisor works directly with COGA. Please refer all COGA-related questions to your Graduate Academic Advisor. See more on the COGA website.

Office of Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies is the office of the Vice Provost of Graduate Studies at KU. The Executive Council of Graduate Faculty sets policies and regulations governing graduate study and offers various programs for graduate students throughout the year. While the Graduate Academic Advisor should be your first stop for any questions your department cannot answer, you may be referred to Graduate Studies for certain matters. The University's Doctoral Hooding Ceremony is coordinated by Graduate Studies. See more on the Office of Graduate Studies website.

Graduate Admissions (Within the Office of Graduate Studies)

Contact Graduate Admissions for questions regarding the online application to graduate study and official transcripts. See more about graduate admissions on the Office of Graduate Studies website.

Office of the University Registrar (OUR)

Contact OUR for questions related to enrollment (if the question cannot be resolved via the enrollment changes link provided above under COGA), tuition, campus fees, the Academic Calendar, and fee petitions. See more on the OUR website.

Financial Aid

Contact Financial Aid for questions related to the disbursement of scholarships, fellowship award, loans, and FAFSA. See more on financial aid.

International Student Services (ISS)

Contact ISS for questions related to international students, including enrollment requirements, international student insurance, obtaining a social security card, I-20 questions, and any issue related to student visas. While other offices on campus such as the AEC, Human Resources, or the Registrar may also handle related matters, because the students’ legal status in the country may be affected, it is recommended that students contact ISS first. See more on the ISS website

Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is a University office dedicated to assisting instructors, including GTAs, to develop effective instructional techniques. The expert staff of CTE can introduce instructors to the pedagogical technology available at the University and help instructors develop new approaches to teaching. CTE specialists work with instructors individually and offer a diverse array of workshops and discussions. They also can guide instructors to useful scholarly literature about college teaching and learning. See more on the CTE website.