Ahmad Sobhy Mustafa

Ahmad Sobhy Mustafa Graduate Student KU Political Science
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant


Ahmad Sobhy Mustafa is a Ph.D. student in the Political Science Department. He is a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Religious Studies Department. He is also an Arabic instructor in the AAAS department.


B.A. in Languages and Translation, Al-Azhar University, 2009
Islamic Law Diploma, The Higher Institute for Islamic Studies, 2014
Specialized Diploma in Islamic Studies, Cairo University, 2015
M.A. Preparation, Al-Azhar University, Islamic Studies Department, 2017
M.A. in Religious Studies, University of Kansas, 2021, Lawrence, KS
Fulbright Scholarship


His area of interest includes but is not limited to comparative politics, international relations, Islamic studies, Islamic Law, jurisprudence, religiopolitical discourse in the Middle East, colonialism, post-colonialism, and radical groups' discourses.

Selected Publications

Al-Azhar's Renewal of Religious Discourse and Power after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution