Robert Rohrschneider, Distinguished Professor of Political Science
  • Sir Robert Worcester Distinguished Professor
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Political Science

Contact Info

Blake Hall 525
1541 Lilac Lane
Lawrence, KS 66045


Ph.D., Florida State University, 1989


Comparative public opinion and parties; European politics; German politics; research methodology.


Teaching interests:

  • Political representation
  • European Union
  • German Politics
  • the link between institutions and attitudes and behavior
  • political culture
  • democratization
  • global environmental movements
  • elections
  • and political parties
  • political elites
  • research methodology

Selected Publications

Rohrschneider, R. (2020). Inept: Voter perceptions of party incompetence in German Federal Elections. Party Politics - Issue 4 | Volume 26.
Rohrschneider, R. (2018). ROHRSCHNEIDER, ROBERT. The 2013 Federal Election in Germany. Routledge.
Rohrschneider, R. (2018). ROHRSCHNEIDER, ROBERT. Politics in Germany. Comparative Politics Today.
Rohrschneider, R. (2013). ROHRSCHNEIDER, ROBERT. Unified but different: East and West German Voters in the 2013 Federal Election of Germany. Voters and Elections. The 2009 Federal Election in Germany. Springer Verlag.